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Do Not Put Lithium-Ion Batteries in Your Trash or Recycling Containers

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Do Not Put Lithium-Ion Batteries in Your Trash or Recycling Containers 

Batteries that are considered hazardous waste must be managed by your business as hazardous waste.

Lithium-ion batteries are considered fire hazards; they can ignite and start fires, even when they are no longer useful in consumer products. As such, they are regulated as hazardous waste by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency.

Consumers and businesses are prohibited from placing lithium-ion batteries in their trash and recycling containers, and waste haulers are prohibited from transporting them. In Wisconsin, batteries generated by businesses must be managed as hazardous waste. Visit the links below for instructions on how to handle batteries.

Remember, lithium-ion batteries come in all shapes and sizes (coin cell, cylindrical, rectangular, pouch packs) and can be single-use or rechargeable. If you need to charge it…it has a battery. Some devices containing lithium-ion batteries include laptops, tablets, cellphones, power tools, battery packs, vape products, cordless telephones, scooters, watches, hearing aids, cameras, remote control toys, and electric toothbrushes. 


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