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Fall 2020 Leaf Pick Up

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With all this high wind your leaves may be already gone but if not here's the scheduled Fall 2020 Leaf Pick Up:

The Towns around Lake Kegonsa are sharing the City of Stoughton’s leaf collection equipment on weekends and will be vacuuming leaves in areas around the lake starting on Friday of the weekend. Leaves should be in your yard ready to be picked up by noon on Friday of these weekends. Only one pass through the route will be made.

Town of Pleasant Springs
Weekends of Nov 6-9 and Nov 20-22.

Town of Dunn
Weekends of Nov 13-15 and Nov 27-29.

Important Procedures for Leaf Roadside Vacuuming:
To make the collection process as efficient as possible, please:
  • Rake leaves away from the lake and place piles on the shoulder of the road. Do not place piles on the pavement.
  • Place your leaves in a row not more than 4’ wide, not in a large pile.
  • No brush, rocks, animal waste, tall grasses, and other non-leaf material; The leaf vacuum truck cannot pick up sticks or brush which could damage this very expensive machine.
  • Place leaves at least four feet from any mailbox or utility pole.
  • Clear the leaves from the street in front of your home.
  • Try not to park near any raked leaves.
  • If you can, cover leaves overnight if rain is forecasted, but then remove tarp by 7 AM.
  • Leaves that cannot be picked up by the leaf vacuum will be the residents’ responsibility to dispose of.
  • If you are hauling leaves a longer distance, try raking them onto a large tarp or sheet. Dragging the tarp makes transferring leaves to the roadside much easier.

We hope this helps you with fall cleanup as well as helping our lake. Thanks!
Your FOLKS Board

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