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The Town of Pleasant Springs Resolutions

The Town of Pleasant Springs Resolutions

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The following resolutions have been adopted by the Town Board.   

Resolution 2021-07 - To Adpot Ward Plan and Combine Municipal Wards for Voting Purposes
Resolution 2021-06 - Approving the Discontinuance of Cherry Drive in the Town of Pleasant Springs
Resolution 2021-05 - Authorizing the Use of Oak Knoll Park by Second Chance Animal Advocates

Resolution 2021-04 - Regarding the Fund Balance & Designation of Funds
Resolution 2021-03 - Regarding the Designation of Depositories
Resolution 2021-02 - Borrowing from BCPL

Resolution 2021-01 - Commending the Service of Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney


Resolution 2020-07 - Appointing Election Inspectors
Resolution 2020-06 - Opposing Stoughton Water Park & Dam Removal

Resolution 2020-05 - To Designate Public Depositories
Resolution 2020-04 - Disc Portion of Williams Pt Dr.
Resolution 2020-03 - Initiating Process for disc Portions of Williams Pt. Drive
Resolution 2020-02 - Waiving Interest on Property Tax Payments
Resolution 2020-01 - Borrowing from BCPL