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Pellitteri Waste Systems – our Town’s waste disposal and recycling company – has launched a new mobile app that will help ensure you never miss trash or recycling day again! 

With the app, you can:

·         Set a weekly reminder

·         Receive updates for holidays and inclement weather

·         Search to verify if an item is recyclable

Go to (If you don’t want to download the app, you can set up reminder emails and use the webpage to search items.)

You can also see your collection schedule on the Town’s website; copies are also available at Town Hall. The Town announces holiday and weather-related delays on the Town website whenever possible, too.

A few other reminders:

·         During or after inclement winter weather, please remember to keep your trash and recycling carts accessible by clearing the area of snow and ice to ensure service. If you do not place your carts in your driveway, then you may need to shovel out an area on your property for the carts. They should be within two feet of the street (but not in the street) and approximately four feet away from obstructions such as mailboxes, trees, and cars. Please do not place your carts on top of snow piles or in the street.

·         Wisconsin has mandatory recycling laws for businesses and residences. Please see Pellitteri’s list of acceptable recyclables, a recycling video of the sorting process, and their short recycling tip videos. Pellitteri thanks you for being a great recycler!


For additional details, go to

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