Town of Pleasant Springs

             2354 County Road N

             Stoughton WI 53589

                  (608) 873-3063

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Town Board


The Town of Pleasant Springs Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Please note: Town Board meetings are subject to change on occasion.

The Board’s primary function is to provide legislation, policy and decision making for the Township, as well as set the annual budget and determine the yearly tax levy.

Town Residents are encouraged to attend Town Board Meetings regularly to keep up on the events and happenings of the Town.

Current Town Board Members:

Town Chairperson - David Pfeiffer

Supervisor 1 - Doug Larsson

Supervisor 2 - Eric Olson

Supervisor 3 - Jay Damkoehler

Supervisor 4 -  Janiece Bolender

Chairperson, Supervisor 1, and Supervisor 2 are elected each odd year to serve a two year term, beginning the third Tuesday in April.

Supervisor 3 and Supervisor 4 are elected each even year to serve a two year term, beginning the third Tuesday in April.


Note: All Town officers are nominated at the Caucus held January of each year. All Elections for Town Officers are held during the Spring Election on the first Tuesday in April. Contact office staff if you are interested in becoming a Town Board Supervisor.

Town Board Agendas and Minutes

(click on A to view an agenda and M to view minutes):

10/01/2019  A    M

10/03/2019 *Budget Meeting    A    M
10/15/2019  A | M
10/17/2019* Special Meeting   A |  M
10/17/2019* Budget Meeting   A |  M
10/30/2019* Budget Meeting   A |  M
11/05/2019* Budget Mtg:
Notice | Agenda | Agenda | Minutes (Hearing) | Minutes (Budget)
11/05/2019  A | M

11/19/2019  A |  M

12/03/2019  A |  M

12/17/2019  A     M

1/07/2020  A     M

1/07/2020* Caucus  M

01/21/2020  A     M

02/04/2020  A     M

02/20/2020  A     M

03/03/2020  A     M

03/17/2020  A     M

03/26/2020 *Emergency Meeting  A     M

04/28/2020 *Emergency Meeting  A     M

04/09/2020  Cancelled

04/21/2020  Cancelled     

05/05/2020  A     M

05/19/2020  A     M

05/28/2020 *Special Meeting  Notice     A     M

06/02/2020  A     M

06/04/2020 *Special Meeting  A     M

06/11/2020 *Special Meeting  A     M

06/16/2020  A     M

07/01/2020 *Special Meeting  A     

07/07/2020  P.H. Notice     A     M

07/13/2020  A     M

07/21/2020  A     M     

08/04/2020 *Annual Meeting  A     M     

                    *Town Board Meeting  A     M     

08/18/2020  A     M

09/01/2020  A     M

09/03/2020 *Special Meeting  A     M

09/10/2020 *Special Meeting  A     

09/15/2020  A     

09/22/2020 *Special Meeting  A     







Become more involved in the decision making of your Town!

What is the time commitment of a Town Board Supervisor?

The Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, one additional meeting in April, one additional meeting in May, and a set of 4 Thursday budget meetings in September and October. Meetings generally run for approximately two hours.

How do I become a Town Board Supervisor?

The Town of Pleasant Springs holds a caucus every January(dates will be set in December) at which nominations are made. Those who wish to be put on the ballot for Town Board Supervisor should attend the meeting. They would need a resident to nominate them, and resident to second the nomination. Once on the ballot, the candidate would fill out nomination papers, and be placed on the ballot for the April Election.

If you are interested in becoming a Town Board Supervisor or have any additional questions please contact the Clerk at 608-873-3063.

Residents are also encouraged to attend Town Board meetings held on the first and third Tuesday of every month to find out what’s going on in the Township.