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Winter Storm Announcement from Dick Green, Town Chair

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January 15, 2024
Thank you to all Pleasant Springs residents for your patience during the recent 5-day
storm period. Our 3 public works employees worked 16 hour days trying to keep up with
heavy wet snow and then constant drifting of snow. Realize that the last time our area
received 18 inches of snow over 5 days was 1996, 30 years ago. This was the 5 th highest
snowstorm here in history. The town has 70 miles of roads. We also brought in a former
employee on Saturday to help get all roads open. It would have been a great help if we
had our grader with the V-plow mounted on the front. However, the previous public
works superintendent and town board sold that grader in 2020 for $40,000. That grader, a
2004 model, had been purchased from Dane County in 2007. A recent search of the
internet for a grader of that age would cost us $200,000.
If you have questions about the town road where you live please call public works at 608-
205-9169 or call me at 608-480-9590.
Dick Green, Town Chair

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